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Sui Generis

Let's get ready to Ramble!

17 March 1984
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Enjoying my last summer in MI and building my empire.
aaron huffman, acting, adrenaline, adventure, angels, anglo-saxon mythology, ascensionism, astronomy, audio production, bands, bars, barsuk records, beaches, biking, board games, bonfires, books, bound stems, cake, challenges, climbing trees, cmu, computers, conan the barbarian, creativity, devo, devoted followers, discovery, dozian christianity, dreams, economics, evolutionary psychology, exact change, exploring, feeling good about myself, fighting, fire, flirting, football, forsaking conventional wisdom, fun, gangster movies, girls, godzilla, guitars, hardcore people, harvey danger, history, human interactions, indie rock, james bond, jeff j. lin, john roderick, kardivatheism, kick ass bad guys, knots, knowing the answer, komodo dragons, lashing, laughing, life, life or death situations, living in the moment, lizards, loyal vassels, lyrics, mind expansion, modern rock 91.5, mt. pleasant, music, nature, northwoods, nudity, parties, passion, philosophy, pleasant suprises, politics, psychology, radio, reading, real estate, red, religion, reviewing bands, road trips, rpgs, samurai, samurai's garden, sarcasm, sean nelson, seattle, self improvement, short skirts, simple pleasures, soccer, social interaction, sociology, spirituality, spontaneity, sports, star trek, star wars, stars, starship troopers, staying up late, summer, summer nights, sushi, taking over the world, taking the red pill, the beatles, the decemberists, the godfather, the long winters, theology, thinking, tolkien, transformers, trivia, unworn socks, victory, vikings, walking, women, wrestling, writing, zoltan ferency