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Once again

Michigan, to me, is the worst kind of black hole. I see others escape, but can never seem to do it myself. Plans fall through, commitments arise, accomplices bail. It's always something.

This time it's the latter. We came down with the hopes of buying a home we could afford together. I got suspicious as we ate our first meal in the state, when all the compromises we'd agreed upon started to get renegotiated. We began our search the next day. I'd done a lot of preparation, and had a list. Most they discarded without even seeing. They didn't meet her standards. Not nice enough, too nice, to urban, to suburban, too far away. I'm still not sure what she was hoping for. We looked at two, but they weren't perfect.

I knew going in that time was a factor, but before we went to bed they'd written me out. What was painfully obvious was that they had discussed the option in advance, though I'd heard no word of it. Maybe they knew that if I did, I wouldn't have wasted the time, or the money. He had some hope that when faced with an ultimatum I'd fall their way. I suspect she knew I wouldn't.

Perhaps it's for the best. It's become clear that living with them would have been more problematic than I'd guessed, and my first impression of Raleigh is underwhelming. There are still three people back home that might want to leave in six months, and I no longer have an attachment to this particular city. Maybe the money will be better then. Maybe we'll have more time. Back to the drawing board
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