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And it's springy outside too!

As much as I dislike going to the doctor and taking pills I have to admit that medicine is awesome. When I started taking my pills my body responded within days, even before I got the infusion which is apparently the bulk of the treatment. The pain went away, and my appetite and energy began to return. In fact the appetite went into overdrive. I gained 10 lbs in the first week and another 20 in the second. If I didn’t have witnesses no one I know would believe the stories about the sheer quantity of food I was packing away. Over the last few days I’m dropping to a less epic amount of food, and my weight is starting to slowly drop to what it was before I got sick, though I still have about 7 lbs to go, but I’m not trying or anything. I’m just happy to not look like a skeleton.

The downside of all this is that the combination of the extra weight, the puffyness caused by the steroids, and my still not entirely un-distended belly, means my pants don’t fit. I have taken to leaving them zipped but unbuttoned while I’m in the house. Since I also frequently go without shirt (I’m hot all the time; not sure if this is medicine or a shift in my metabolism caused by all the extra food), and my belly sticks out like a beer gut, I get a lot of wise cracks about being white trash.

Still I’ll take it. I’m back to my normal energy level, and my muscles have, for the most part, remembered that they are strong enough to do mundane things all day and not be tired or sore. I still can’t run up a set of stairs (a fact I frequently forget), but considering three weeks ago it was hard work to stand up from the floor, I’m pretty happy with the progress.
I’m currently in the process of getting a life again. I’m way behind on a lot of things, and I’ve been running around trying to catch up. There is a lot, and I mean a lot, of paper and other work to be done related to my houses. Mostly it’s bookkeeping, of which I did none while I was sick. I have stacks of bills and receipt that need to be recorded and sorted and filed and all that. Plus I still have to unpack all the stuff from my last move so I can start living at my house again.

In summary, I’m looking and feeling a great deal better, but I’m going to be very busy for a bit yet. Once I’m caught up people can expect to see me online again.
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