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He has a radio show, that's why.

In the painstaking process of trying to craft an entertaining and energetic technoesque Pandora station with basically no knowledge about electronic music (Except that nobody in the in crowd calls it "electronica"), I was amazed to discover the song Sound is Shocking by Dj Baby Ann & Jen Lasher. What makes this song amazing is that it samples the beat of a Devo song called Big Mess, which, though virtually unheard of even among casual Devo fans,* Has always been an underdog favorite of mine. In fact, in honor of the song, I considered making my on air alias at the station be Cowboy Kim. I think it should be obvious why I didn't end up going that route.

*I'm not sure such a thing exists, but if it does it knows and likes Whip It, Working in a Coal Mine, Beautiful World, Freedom of Choice, and maybe one other song if it is lucky.
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